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In Texcels, the all-round progress of your child is closely monitored and assessed from time to time. We support his/her ability by setting SMART target that matches his abilities and able to easily extend his knowledge.

We ensure high standard of moral excellence.

Curiosity begins here with us at Texcel schools crèche. Texcels crèche allows our little ones to safely explore their environment with their five (5) senses.

We love each child and believe they are very unique and special in their own way. The specially designed curriculum prepared for them helps to promote social, intellectual, physical and emotional developments. These developmental milestones obviously is faster with Texcels crèche as our parents cannot stop praising and appreciating our work.

If you believe a day should be filled with fun, laughter and learning, especially for these little ones, Texcel Schools Crèche is the best choice to make.