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In Texcels, the all-round progress of your child is closely monitored and assessed from time to time. We support his/her ability by setting SMART target that matches his abilities and able to easily extend his knowledge.

We ensure high standard of moral excellence.

Teresh Eternal Excellence College (Texcel College) is a Day School located at Majek Area, Abijo. Lagos State.

Texcel College offers a rich Nigerian Curriculum and has the best Team of Teachers and staff, helping to impact values/morals into our students and also preparing and equipping them for future endeavors.

We are devoted to the all-round development of our students and we possess exceptional and finest facilities needed for the overall development of our students.

Apart from offering a world class education, we also engage our students in lots of exciting and educative extracurricular activities to help develop their talents.
These activities include ; music, sports, swimming, arts and craft e.t.c.

We do not neglect the spiritual development of our students. We pay good attention to that as we impact good Christian and moral values into them.

Enroll your child now and be glad you did

Texcel college, Raising The Joy Of Nations…