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Our Preschool

In Texcels, the all-round progress of your child is closely monitored and assessed from time to time. We support his/her ability by setting SMART target that matches his abilities and able to easily extend his knowledge.

We ensure high standard of moral excellence.

Our preschool department is the touchstone of the school. We are impelled by the fact that the physical, emotional, intellectual, verbal, and social development of a child happens through a creative, constructive and fun filled learning processes that challenges the child’s growing mind. Knowledge acquired through this process helps to invigorates and stir up a curiosity and an understanding of the interaction within their world.

Our early childhood curriculum has been carefully formulated using a play-based approach, which will help foster an academic bedrock. Early childhood experts are also available to help follow through with the use of this curriculum ensuring that your child develop the confidence required to stand head up high now and years to come.